Well-being at work is not a myth, it is a necessity

Corporate Retreats, a Concept by Doris Delessard & Tarig El Tinay.


Well-being at work is not just a trend, it's a necessary reality to keep teams together,  teams who know how to communicate, express themselves, evolve and learn together.


Targets, goals, excellence, performance and results are the watchwords of many companies, and behind these words are men and women, human beings with qualities and resources that allow a company to exist. It is to these women and men that we invite you to turn to.

Because it is they who need recognition and they who need to feel valued, but not only ... According to the personalities some want to be stimulated, interested, captivated or even loved, appreciated, pampered and even released, accompanied, supported or helped.

Would you like to be the catalyst for a fulfilled team in which, everyone feels good bout themselves , confident, happy, resourceful, creative, determined and more ? We invite you to experiment the wellness and personal development business seminar, through the following activities


                   - Yoga

                   - Meditation

                   - Sonotherapy

                   - Sophrology

                   - Group Hypnosis

                   - Equitherapy (Therapy with Horses)

                   - Hot Air Balloon Flights

                   - Massages 

                   - Individual therapies for small groups

                   - Wellness Workshops

The seminars are tailor-made according to the size of your group and the number of days on which you wish to establish your stay.

seminars are held in the Oise region, in and around the towns of Chantilly, Chaumontel, Senlis, La Chapelle-en-Serval etc. and are possible in French and English.

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