IUD good or bad? the energy point of view

I'm not going to talk to you about the practicality or not of the IUD and even less about the scientific aspect of copper or plastic options. I will share with you what came out of the energy reading of several people carrying IUDs.

Indeed, in my work of aura reading and energy rebalancing of the body I sometimes receive information about the person and what she is advised to change. On several occasions, messages came down in the form of visions or knowledge and I was told to tell the person that the IUD was not good and had a detrimental effect on the person, creating an energy imbalance in the sacral chakra ( uterus, ovaries, reproductive and sexual organs etc.) and overall. In all cases, the clients did not reveal wearing an IUD, it was the IUD itself that appeared very clearly as a blockage in the body of the client. I have never received any reason to explain why and how, but it seemed logical to me that inserting a foreign system into the human body to modify and control part of the hormonal system, went against of a perfectly orchestrated natural system.

For those of you who suffer from painful or plentiful periods, remember that your body is trying to talk to you through pain. This is the only way it knows to get your attention. Every pain, every little suffering or discomfort is an invitation to communicate and get to know yourself better. It's an opportunity for you to learn, to grow and evolve. Your body shows you that something is not yet settled or understood emotionally, energetically and physically. When you find the origin of your ills, your periods will regulate themselves "miraculously". As for contraception ... I invite you to count your cycles, wear condoms in the ovulation phases and up to 4 days after, practice abstinence if necessary for a few days, ask your partner to pay attention and withdraw before etc .

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