This is your ideal travelling set of 7 bowls made of 7 metals for chakra balancing, tuning.

If you plan to go to your clients place for sessions or travel on retreats, work in several places or if you are globe trotter healer this is the set you want to have. it is light weight, easy to carry  and handle. it is fully stackable. comes with 2 mallets.


The sound is soft and soothing, ready to work its magic on to everyone it will come accross!


weighs around 7kg, won't take much space in your suitcase nor too much weight.


Here are the dimensions for each bowl

Bowl Diameter Cm Diameter IN
B 12 4.75
E 14 5.5
A 17 6.7
D 18.5 7.3
G 23.5 9.2
C 22 8.6
F 25.5 10



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