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CHAKRA Traveling  SET 51 - 7kg


Chakra balancing and harmonizing set with a strong impulse in the Heart (the organ itself).

This Set is ideal for physical healing on top of the energy. 

It is ideal for people who are on a physical recovery such as Cancer patients, people with heart diseases, going through physiotherapy, post partum, people recovering from accidents (broken bones) etc.


In the videos you will hear the ascension of notes, in the video where the bowls are in one line and played from the largest to the smallest bowl

and a Chakra tone with the videos where the bowls are placed  from the root chakra to the crown and for each pair there is a large and a small bowl.

This little Set is ideal for travelers. it fits in a hand bag, a carry on luggage and wouldn't take much of your check in bagage capacity.


- DESC. | 

It weighs approx 7kg without the mallets,  will be shipped in one parcel.

Bowls are made of 7 Metals & professional A grade quality.

- ORIGIN | Nepal - Hand Hammered 

- WEIGHT | Total Approx. Shipping weight  9KG (Including 2 mallets).

- SHIPPING | International Shipping Available. (See Shipping Terms & Conditions).

- APPROX. BOWL DIAMETER | B Note - 12.5CM / 4.9IN | E Note - 14CM / 5.5IN | A Note - 18CM / 7.1 IN | D Note - 16CM / 6.3 IN | G Note - 22.5CM / 8.9IN | C Note - 17CM / 6.7IN | F Note - 24.5CM / 9.6.3IN 


Bowls references 


IB55, IE52,  IA57, ID54, IG56, IC52, IF52




Chakra Traveling SET | 51 | Heal your body | 7kg

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Excluding VAT |
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    - If applicable; Custom Duties, Import Taxes, VAT and any additional Fees are the responsibility of the customer. All such charges are payable directly to the Customs / Shipping Agent by the customer.

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