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About Me

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Welcome to the Lightwork Experience! My name is Doris, and I am both a Lightworker & teacher to those who wish to become Lightworkers. As a member of the new generation of Lightworkers, I navigate and master several healing techniques that address the body, mind and various soul levels. Whether you are looking for answers or looking to transform yourself both professionally & spiritually, then I am here for you.

As someone who went through a major transformation myself in 2012 from being the CEO of a successful business in India to becoming  a spiritual mentor, I have experienced first hand the challenges and sometimes overwhelming emotions and experiences that can occur. But ever since my transformation with the guidance of my spiritual guru and teacher, there has been no turning back for me! I'm delighted and grateful for the life-changing experience that has brought me to where I am today - personally, professionally & spiritually. 

I put great effort into making my teachings simple and easy to comprehend for both new and advanced level students. Whether it is your first time stepping into the spiritual awareness techniques or you have had previous trainings, I'm ready to help and assist. I will be here to guide and accompany you on your journey of learning, discovery and experience. 


I practice and teach teach various techniques such as Sound Healing, Meditation , Spiritual Hypnotherapy with Past Life Regression, Connection to Spiritual Realms and Intuitive Healing & Channeling.

My life's mission is to help other souls ascend, clear baggage, learn to channel and heal. One of my main areas of expertise is helping women bringing spiritual awareness to achieve conscious conception and pregnancy.

With Love & Light,

Doris Delessard 

P.S. All sessions can be conducted in ENGLISH or FRENCH :).

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