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   Master the Art of Wellbeing!


The courses / workshops & trainings take place either at the studio in Bezier (southern France), internationally or Online.

Depending on the location and preferred language of the students, the courses will be offered in either English or French. Please check out the Events Page for dates / locations of upcoming workshops. 

You may also contact me directly to request dates & locations for private group workshops both in France and abroad. 

I also work and partner with Yoga Studios, Wellbeing Centers and Corporate Groups / Seminars, so please do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiries. 

Please have a look below at the type of courses that I offer and click on the course that interests you to get an idea of what each course provides and which of those are available Online.

Courses / Workshops provided by the Lightwork Experience are:


Sound Healing


Spirit Baby Communication

+ Intuition for Everyday Living 

At the completion of each Course / Workshop each student will receive a certificate from the Lightwork Experience SAS endorsed by Doris Delessard stating their completion of the course. You will also have the option to be added to my certified Lightworkers contact network on my website.

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