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Spirit Baby Communication


We call Spirit babies, the souls who are waiting to incarnate on Earth, they are the souls of your unborn (yet) children. Like any soul throughout time and space, it can be contacted and spoken to.Some of them are longing to interact with you. They can guide you on your fertility journey, they even hold keys to bringing them to life. It is always a fruitful experience to connect with them, as they reveal something important to you and/or about you.Their presence is also a very good way to remind you that you are not alone.


Interacting with spirit babies is an amazing holistic fertility tool for conscious conception and conscious pregnancy. It is something that every woman can do including you, it is inbuilt you just have to know that it is there in you and trust in your ability to use it.


You can do it yourself (Online Course : Spirit Baby Communication) or have someone like me help you with it. In spirit baby sessions we connect with the souls of your baby to have a better understanding of the situation and see if there is anything that can be done.


You can explore Spirit Baby Communication through the following experiences:











1 Individual Session focused on any subject of your choice that is related to Spirit Baby Communication. (More...)



3 Different Packages to choose from focused on 3 different  stages.










TRYING TO CONCEIVE (More...)                                 DURING PREGNANCY (More...)                                         BIRTH LOSS (More...) 

Hugging by the Beach
Newborn Baby
Pregnancy Photoshoot
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