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General Notice | Terms of Use

A kind notice to all current and prospective clients & website visitors and users:


 * The Lightwork Experience is registered as The Lightwork Experience SAS, a licensed & registered business in Sauvian, France.

 * The Lightwork Shop is owned & operated by The Lightwork Experience SAS, Sauvian, France.


* The logo of The Lightwork Experience & The Lightwork Shop is property of The Lightwork Experience SAS. The logo is registered & protected by law. Use of / copying of the logo without consent from The Lightwork Experience SAS is prohibited. 

 * Please note that I am not a licensed medical professional. In no way should you take my advice & guidance against the advice of your medical care provider or professional counselor. I am a SPIRITUAL PERSON, and if your are interested in working together or using my services & website please acknowledge and respect that. 

 * All the guidance provided during your private sessions, courses, consultations and on this website are not medically or scientifically based or proven. 

 * The theories, explanations, methods and solutions provided and expressed on the website are solely mine, and are based on my personal opinions and experiences as a SPIRITIUAL PERSON, and are the result of the various international trainings that I have completed on spiritual work & the spiritual realm.

 * By continuing further to use our website, services, online material and shop, you agree to the General Notice & Terms of Use provided above and any other conditions written within the pages of this website. You also agree that The Lightwork Experience SAS & Doris Delessard will not / cannot be held liable for any outcome from your (you) use of any of the services provided.

With Love & Light Always,

The Lightwork Experience SAS & Doris Delessard

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