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Sound Healing Teacher Training 

Teacher Training Course South Africa


The World Tour concept is based on local partnerships, I come to teach  The Lightwork Sound Healing Method in Yoga Studios and Wellness Centers near you. I may come to you in your country or you can choose to come where I go and you can make your Sound Healing Teacher Training a retreat holiday kind of experience. The options are many, find out more about the concept and the events' calendar to see where you you'd like to join.



The Lightwork Sound Healing Method | Levels 1 & 2

The Lightwork Method refers to the ability to tap into the divine light of the luminous realms and high frequencies to bring them down to earth and to human beings. What's remarkable about this method is that it transcends duality, providing gentle yet powerful results.

My Teacher teaching start with an activation ceremony to connect and activate your pillar of light enabling you to become a powerful conduct.

The transmission of light can be accomplished through various means, including presence, hands-on and off-body, intention, meditation, and channeling. I will teach you how to combine your unique abilities with sound to create a beautiful light language.

This technique aims in revealing the source of blockages and helping individuals reconnect with their inner selves and heal.


Empowerment is a key word in my practice, while I can provide guidance and certain channeled messages, my main purpose is to help you find your own answers and activate your innate ability to heal yourself and others, grow and transform. In this process you rediscover your SELF and take full CONTROL of who you are and your POWERS.  

I put great effort into making my teaching accessible and easy to comprehend for both beginners and advanced students.

Whether you're new to spiritual awareness techniques or have had previous training, I will be here to guide and accompany you on your journey of learning, discovery, and experience of Sound healing


Through this process, you'll reignite personal qualities such as unconditional love, fearlessness, self-confidence, compassion, forgiveness & clarity of thought. You'll gain the power to make the best decisions for yourself and move beyond past traumas, living a free and fulfilling life.

Be ready for a beautiful transformation and growth !















You will learn to conduct a complete one-on-one sound healing session with chakra balancing and intuitive healing, discover yourself and your gifts in depth, to activate your pillar of light & energy channel and increase your intuition and sixth sense. 
  • You will go through the theory, technique, and practice exercises of sound healing 

  • Work with the chakra system in depth and the correlation between body,mind and soul 

  • Study frequencies, vibrations, the energy system and intuitive medicine 

  • Work with 1, 4, 7 and 9 bowls settings and practice both ON and OFF the body techniques 

  • Develop your own personal communication and light language with Tibetan singing bowls and your astral team 

  • Master the art of chakra balancing, reading a person's energies and restoring health into the physical body 

  • Work with pregnant women and their babies 

  • Discover how sound can be used to clear spaces, heal animals and plants 

➔ PREREQUISITE + MATERIAL | There are no prerequisites to this course, it is suitable for both beginners and advanced holistic practitioners or musicians. * You will need Tibetan singing bowls after the course to practice *












In this level we combine sound with words for guidance to help you establish your light, confidence and spread healing to a larger scale. 

  • You will learn to create your own GUIDED MEDITATIONS based on HYPNOTHERAPY principles and techniques 

  • Channel healing through the alignment of several energy forms such as your presence, your words and SOUND 

  • Speak to people's subconscious mind, helping them navigate through their emotions, connecting and speaking to their physical body and any felt pain 

  • Lead live demonstrations of individual and group hypnosis 

  • Create a personal experience for each of your students whilst being in a group setting 

  • Conduct a wide range of experiences from the most relaxing and simple Meditations/journeys to the most complex and deeply introspective ones by using the right language and tools 

  • Channel meditations letting go of your fears and doubts 

➔ PREREQUISITE + MATERIAL | Level 1 is required before you can enroll on the Level 2, it is suitable for both beginners and advanced holistic practitioners or musicians. * You will need Tibetan singing bowls after the course to practice *




Visit our EVENTS page where you can BOOK your spot in any of our upcoming Teacher Training World Tour & other Special Events that may be happening near you !


You can also follow us on our Social Media pages for more news & announcements about the World Tour 

Take a look below at some of the pictures from our  TEACHER TRAINING COURSE that took place in CAPE TOWN, in collaboration with Ananda Yoga Sanctuary 




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