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Course | Spirit Baby Communication | Level 1 

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                                                       SPIRIT BABY COMMUNICATION | LEVEL 1

COURSE OBJECTIVE | Do you want to communicate with spirit babies or the soul of your yet unborn child ? This course is what you need. It will teach you all the basics of spirit baby communication. it covers a few spiritual principals such as the cycle of incarnation, life script, karma, intuition activation and development, exercises and meditations.It is something that every human can do, it is not only for "gifted" and "super intuitive people" if you have a soul and an electromagnetic field (aura) around you, you are physically and energetically capable of connecting with spirit babies. all you have to do is know how it works and this is what I plan on sharing with you in this course.

WHO IS IT FOR ? | Women & Men trying to conceive, Pregnant Women, Parents who have lost a child, Healers wanting to discover this realm doulas and anyone else who wants to communicate with souls from the spirit baby realm. It is made for beginners and advanced people alike, as I have dedicated a chapter to cover the basics principals of spirituality and how the other world functions in order to establish communication. Individuals and couples may want to know if they have a spirit baby and what to do to help him/her come to this world. Moms can learn to bond with their baby on a different level during pregnancy and  healers or doulas may want to add this line of communication to their abilities to help and guide their clients on their pregnancy and fertility journey.


WHAT YOU WILL LEARN ? + BENEFITS | Spirit baby communication can provide incredible answers on fertility issues for example and what to do to make positive changes in your life to bring this soul to you. It can help you heal from traumatic experiences of miscarriage, still birth and delivery. It is a powerful healing tool to heal pregnancy illnesses, syndroms, heightened emotions etc. through communication with the baby soul you can re-align your energies for a smooth and painfree pregnancy. The more communication you establish the more you move towrd a conscious pregnancy and this can prepare you  even better for the delivery. Spirit babies can share what is their karmic connection with you, and what needs healing or clearing in order to have a harmonious relationship into this 3 dimensional world.


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