My Approach

The concept of my approach is to teach you to become your own master! 

Empowering is a key word in my practice, while I can provide guidance and certain channeled messages, my main purpose is to help you find your own answers activate your innate ability to heal yourself and others, grow and transform. In this process you rediscover your SELF and take full control of your powers.  

This reignites many personal qualities such as unconditional love, fearlessness,  self-confidence and self-control, compassion, forgiveness, clarity of thought leading to making the best decisions for yourself, but being able to move on past traumas  in order to live a free untainted life.

Together we break the obstacles that stand between you and happiness, we raise your frequency and vibration to match your full potential and we do it while following your own rhythm and needs.


With Love & Light,


Doris Delessard 


P.S. All sessions can be conducted in ENGLISH or FRENCH :). 

Studio Address

Centre Yoga Santosha - Genevieve Thouvenot 

12 Avenue Georges Clemenceau

34500 Beziers, France

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