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WHAT IS HOLISTIC & CONSCIOUS FERTILITY ? | It is a natural process to align and awaken your innate abilities to conceive. It is conscious in a way that you become fully connected to your body, you become an observer of the life you live leading to more understanding and wisdom and finally it is becoming aware that the soul of your baby exists already, that it can communicate with you on a soul level and has certain needs before it even comes to Earth. In order to establish those connections, to restore balance and flow, we explore to find the root cause of blockages if any in the following levels: 


 + Body : Energies, energy genetics

 + Mind : Subconscious fears, beliefs

 + Soul : Soul to soul connections, past life, karma 


"For Nature to thrive it needs light, water, nutrients and peace (no stress), because you are nature itself this is what we will work on together . 

Bringing peace and light into your life will be our mission number one".


WHO IS IT FOR ? | It is for everyone, from women who are contemplating the idea of having a baby for the first time, to those who have been on the path for years, for those following a medically assisted process or for those who attempt an all natural conception. I am here to accompany each and everyone of you on this journey and work to give you the best chances of success.


HOW DOES IT WORK ? | It is a 3 MONTHS personalized program that combines a standard protocol to support and boost your fertility and clearing practices based on your own needs. It is fit for both natural and assisted conception. The standard protocol includes :


 + Session 1 :  Initial introductory meeting 

 + Session 2 :  Aura reading / Spirit baby session

 + 3 Follow up sessions (individual and/or group)

 + Fertility boost  4 x 30min lightwork sessions to be done prior ovulation / on each cycle

Spirit baby communication course

 + Personalized program includes:

 + Energy sessions,

 + Hypnotherapy sessions

 + Sound healing,


Please refer to our Experiences Price List for information on our Rates & Available Packages *

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