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Course |Sound Healing Level 1

Online Meditation


COURSE OBJECTIVE | In this course you will go through the theory, technique and practice exercises of sound healing with tibetan singing bowls.

you will learn to conduct a complete one on one sound healing session with chakra balancing and intuitive healing.


PREREQUISITE + MATERIAL | There are no prerequisites to this course, it suitable for both beginners and advanced holistic practitioner or musicians. * You will need Tibetan singing bowls during or after the course to practice on others *


WHAT IS PROVIDED | 1 student handbook on sound healing + Lifetime access to Videos On Demand + Free access to the supportive Sound Healing Community + 1 Diploma from Doris Delessard - Founder / Instructor of the course & The Lightwork Experience SAS.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN + CONTENT | This certified course will teach you the healing properties and power of sound. You will go through the chakra system in depth to explain the correlation between body, mind and soul. You will study frequencies, vibrations, the energy system, intuitive medicine and will develop your own personal communication and light language with Tibetan singing bowls. You will master the art of chakra balancing, reading a person's energies and restoring health into the physical body. You will also discover how sound can be used to clear spaces as well as be a tool to open portals of communication with angles and light beings.

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