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CHAKRA SET 36 - Tiny Set Yin-Yang


Played from the root chakra to the crown in the video - I stongly recommend headphones for a better result .


- DESC. | This is the tiniest set I have ever made and I love it!  

It weighs under 4 kg and is the best possible set to travel with, it even fits in a back pack. The bowls from this set like to be played by two from each of the feminine and masculine side. Its special attribute is that It promises to reconcile inner battles and conflicts.

It will bring great results when played very softly.


Bowls are made of 7 Metals, the set is stackable on layers & professional A grade quality.

- ORIGIN | Nepal - Hand Hammered 

- WEIGHT | Total Approx. weight  4 KG (Including 2 mallets).

- SHIPPING | International Shipping Available. (See Shipping Terms & Conditions).

- APPROX. BOWL DIAMETER | B Note - 11.5CM / 4.5IN | E Note - 13.5CM / 5.3IN | A Note - 11CM / 4.3 IN | D Note - 15CM / 5.9 IN | G Note - 13.5CM / 5.3IN | C Note - 16CM / 6.3IN | F Note - 13CM / 5.1IN 


Bowls references 

IB43, IE43,  IA43, ID42, IG40, IC42, IF47




CHAKRA SET | 36 | Tiny Set Yin-Yang 3.8Kg

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