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CHAKRA SET 43 - Traveling 4.5kg


This little Set is ideal for travelers. it fits in a hand bag, a carry on luggage and wouldn't take much of your check in bagage capacity.

It is a practical and beautiful set. Don't be fulled by its small size because its effect is strong. The notes merge together to create additional sounds and open spaces in alternate dimensions that are difficult to imagine unless experienced.



- DESC. | 

It is in played in the video from the root chakra to crown in the following order F-C-G-D-A-E-B

It weighs 4.5kg without the mallets,  will be shipped in one parcel.

Bowls are made of 7 Metals & professional A grade quality.


- ORIGIN | Nepal - Hand Hammered 

- WEIGHT | Total Approx. Shipping weight  6KG (Including 2 mallets).

- SHIPPING | International Shipping Available. (See Shipping Terms & Conditions).

- APPROX. BOWL DIAMETER | B Note - 11.5CM / 4.5IN | E Note - 15CM / 5.9IN | A Note - 13CM / 5.1 IN | D Note - 15CM / 5.9 IN | G Note - 12CM / 4.7IN | C Note - 20CM / 7.9IN | F Note - 20CM / 7.9IN 


Bowls references 

IBA46, IE46,  IA, ID44, IG21, IC48, IF




CHAKRA SET | 43 | Traveling | 4.5kg

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