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CHAKRA SET 40 - South Africa


This Set is inspired from my last teaching trip in South Africa,

It has a large grounding base with the 3 lower chakras, which many of you like and it connects to nature, spirit animals, MAGIC and divine light. 


- DESC. | 

This set brings unity, acceptance and love.

It is in played in the video from the root chakra to crown in the following order F-C-G-D-A-E-B

It weighs about 10kg, is fully stackable and will most likely be shipped in two parcels.

Bowls are made of 7 Metals & professional A grade quality.


- ORIGIN | Nepal - Hand Hammered 

- WEIGHT | Total Approx. weight  10KG (Including 2 mallets).

- SHIPPING | International Shipping Available. (See Shipping Terms & Conditions).

- APPROX. BOWL DIAMETER | B Note - 11CM / 4.3IN | E Note - 15CM / 5.9IN | A Note - 19CM / 7.5 IN | D Note - 23CM / 9.1 IN | G Note - 27.5CM / 10.8IN | C Note - 25CM / 9.8IN | F Note - 29CM / 11.4IN 


Bowls references 

IBA42, IE47,  IA29, ID26, IG28, IC38, IF50




Full Moon SET | 13Kg

4 498,00 €Price
Excluding VAT |
  • - Shipping Costs will vary based on destination & calculated at the time of checkout on the cart.

    - If applicable; Custom Duties, Import Taxes, VAT and any additional Fees are the responsibility of the customer. All such charges are payable directly to the Customs / Shipping Agent by the customer.

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