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Soft Mallet - comes in 3 sizes

DESC | Standard Felt Mallet w/ Wooden Handle. Used for striking Singing Bowls without having a rough banging sound. Allows for a soft and smooth sound and a lot of vibrations. They work with all Bowls.

Size recommendations :

The small mallets work with any size bowls, and provides best result on small to medium bowls.

Medium mallets work on medium to large bowls.

Large mallets work on medium and large bowls and have better results on very large bowls for deep and long vibrations.

ORIGIN | Nepal - Machine & Hand Made. 

WEIGHT | Ranges fron 0.2 to 0.5 KG / Piece

SHIPPING | International Shipping available. See Shipping Terms.

MEASUREMENTS | 22 to 35CM (Total Length) | S 3cm- M 7cm- L 9cm (Felt Diameter varies slihtly for each piece) 

SMR | Soft Mallet | 3 sizes

13,00 €Price
Excluding VAT |
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