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Soft Mallet - Mottled White - comes in 2 sizes

DESC | Standard Felt Mallet w/ Wooden Handle. Used for striking Singing Bowls within having a rough banging sound. Allows for a soft and smooth sound and a lot vibrations. They work with all Bowls.

Size recommendations :

Medium mallets work on medium (20cm ⌀ and above) to large bowls.

Large mallets work on  Large (25cm ⌀ and above) bowls and have better result on XL bowls for deep and long vibrations.

ORIGIN | Nepal - Machine & Hand Made. 

WEIGHT | Ranges fron 0.1 to 0.2 KG / Piece

SHIPPING | International Shipping available. See Shipping Terms.

MEASUREMENTS | 30 to 35CM (Total Length) | M 6cm- L 7 cm (ø varies slihtly for each piece) 

SMW | Soft Mallet | 2 sizes

18,00 €Price
Excluding VAT |
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    - If applicable; Custom Duties, Import Taxes, VAT and any additional Fees/Charges are the responsibility of the customer. All such charges are payable directly to the Customs / Shipping Agent by the customer.


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