Gift yourself an experience of discovery and pleasure. Empower your Self, nourish your body and mind.

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A Life Changing Two Week Spiritual And Wellness Retreat

Discover Your Authentic Self and Shift Your Energies 
Tap into Abundance and Unconditional Life 
Ascend to Your Universal Multi-Dimensional Being 
Develop Your Intuitive Gifts and Find Your Purpose 

This retreat is for anyone who feels the inner calling to work on their human-self and spiritual-self. And because both these parts are linked and intertwined, the work is being done on all levels. 
An amazing opportunity awaits - Release these confining attachments and strive for human and spiritual liberation. 
Spiritual paths differ and are unique for each individual. But they all lead to ascension of spirit and integration of virtues. It is an incredible journey to reach your highest good, potential and life purpose. 
If you empower yourself and release resistance, this retreat will be a big step onto your journey or further deepen your connection on your path to ascension. 
Only you can take this journey.